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How many times do you hear the following:
"I need more space",
"I can't find anything"
"I'm sure it was here somewhere"
"I'll get round to emptying the loft one day"

In the majority of cases, there is enough space for our
belongings, but over time, we have
become overwhelmed
by what is in that space and as a result, it is
easier to ignore
it than tackle it.
Sound familiar?

Decluttering can be done as part of a general getting your house
tidier, and it is often a major exercise when preparing your home
for sale.
Decluttering means we are better able to stage your home to
appeal to a wider audience.

If you need a reason to declutter, let me give you one major
purpose - it's to

Of course there are many others benefits.... you could also.....

- Be less stressed, because you can find things
- Have more space to move - both physical and emotional
- Stop being embarrassed to have people over
- Think more clearly
- Become more relaxed
- Save money by spending less
- Gain back hours, days and years worth of time

Shaping Homes are here to help you
reclaim your space,
feel less stressed and take back control of your life.
You will be surprised how much can be achieved in a day
and with
someone else helping you, it is no longer an onerous task.

Get in touch with us today and make that first step to
changing your life for the better.

Reclaim your space!

Regain your life!

4 Easy Steps to declutter your wardrobe

The clocks have just gone back and the weather is cooling here in the UK so it's a good time to
sort out your wardrobe.

Pareto's Principle states that
20% of your efforts result in 80% of your results.

Did you know that this principle also applies to your wardrobe?

That's right -
you only wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.

The aim of your wardrobe is to have clothes you love, that look good on you and that flatter your body shape.

I've been reading up a lot on clothes websites and blogs and I gathered some tips for everybody:
If you wore the fashion the first time around, you shouldn't be wearing it this time round.
Even if it still fits you, the styles and colours will have changed.
Pleated and tapered pants are out for all body shapes. Aren't you glad?!

Now let's get busy purging and organising your clothes.
1. Put on some upbeat music and call a friend or professional organiser to help you.
2. Set aside an afternoon and remove everything from your wardrobe.
3. Make 3 piles:
o Clothes you don't love, don't suit your lifestyle or don't look good on you
o Clothes you love and that fit you properly
o Clothes that you're not sure about, for whatever reason

4. Action the piles

o Donate or throw out
o Organise in your wardrobe or on your shelves according to your personal preferences - by colour, style (smart, casual, etc), or season/ sleeve length, etc.
o Move to another place in the house or to a storage container. Make a note in your planner or in Outlook to look at this pile again at a later date (I like to think of this as a pending file for your clothes).
When you look at this pile again, fit everything on. You will then be able to look at the clothes unemotionally and decide whether they deserve to take up space in your wardrobe (you want to keep them) or whether they need to be donated.

NB: anything kept for pending is costing you in one form or another. Storing the goods whilst you deliberate is costing you financially. Keeping them elsewhere is costing you valuable space.

Try to be decisive!

Remember: It is better to have half the amount of clothes and be
able to wear everything than a full-to-overflowing wardrobe
where you can only wear a few items - does this sound familiar?

Good luck with the 4 steps and for more
FREE information on decluttering, sign up below:

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