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Styling to Sell:
Home styling is presenting your home in the best possible way. It can be as easy as a thorough clean inside and out, cleaning out those cupboards because reality is people do open them and you don't want that to be their lasting impression of your home. De-cluttering (which is in our experience apart from cleaning is the next most important factor in general appeal), re-organising and re-designing of space.

If you have an empty property to sell, the use of hired furniture and accessories is a great way to achieve that 'WOW' factor. Prospective buyers always react better to a furnished home rather than a cold empty house. Furniture and accessories can be arranged and styled for you under a minimum 4 week hire agreement.

Make your property
the one a
can see
living in!

you're in


Room Makeover:

The customer had just removed the wall between the dining room
and kitchen. We were asked to update both rooms but we had
limited budget to buy anything new.

So, all that was actually new was the flooring. The rest of the makeover
was painting the kitchen cupboard doors, walls, and wallpapering the alcoves.

A rearrangement of some of the furniture now makes the rooms
more open and spacious - ideal for entertaining!


Can't see the wood for the trees? Want to fall in love
with your home again? Here is an example
of how we can help you to reorganise rooms and be
able to use them comfortably again! Also, this exercise
was undertaken with no additional purchases - it was
all about re-using what she already had.
By removing the clutter and chaos, the customer has
a calm and inviting living space once more.



Give your
show home
X factor

Styling for Show Homes:

It is a fact that an empty property takes considerably longer to sell, so Show Homes are the best way to sell property faster and for a higher price. Time is money and a developer will want units sold as soon as possible to ensure healthy cashflow.

Professionally designed Show homes demonstrate the lifestyle prospective buyers want to aspire to and are vital to ensure the success of a new property development.

Whatever the size of your development, a single unit, 4 to 5 houses or a larger site, Shaping Homes can help create the vision you are looking for.

Major developers spend upward of 20,000 on an average sized 3 bedroom show homes interior. A price far beyond the means of most regional developers. We'll supply, install and stage show homes interior for a fraction of this cost.


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